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In 1840, New Orleans ranked as the third-largest city in the nation, the largest in the South, and the fourth-busiest port in the world. It had a population of 102,193, of whom 58 percent were white, 23 percent were enslaved African Americans; and 19 percent were free people of color In a census taken in November 1721, New Orleans had a population of 470 people: 277 whites and 172 Black and 21 Indian slaves. In 1722 New Orleans was designated the capital of Louisiana, and in 1731 the city returned to the control of the French crown. More respectable colonists began to arrive, but growth continued to be precarious New Orleans (/ ˈ ɔːr l (i) ə n z, ɔːr ˈ l iː n z /, locally / ˈ ɔːr l ə n z /; French: La Nouvelle-Orléans [la nuvɛlɔʁleɑ̃] ()) is a consolidated city-parish located along the Mississippi River in the southeastern region of the U.S. state of Louisiana.With an estimated population of 390,144 in 2019, it is the most populous city in Louisiana. Serving as a major port, New. In reality, New Orleans, which celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2018, is a cultural center of the United States, famous for its music, cuisine, and wild and ornate parades and festivals. It has a long and storied history full of colorful figures who helped contribute to its character. Many of them, to be fair, were pirates, drunks, and whores

Robert de La Salle claimed the territory of Louisiana for the French in the 1690s. The King of France awarded a proprietorship to the Company of the West, owned by John Law, to develop a colony in the new territory. Law appointed Jean Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville Commandant and Director General of the new colony In 1718, Jean-Baptiste le Moyne de Bienville, governor of French Louisiana, named the site Nouvelle Orleans in honor of the Regent of France, Philippe II, duc d' Orléans, nephew of Louis XIV. 1720

New Orleans was established in 1718 by Bienville. By the 1730s, Mardi Gras was celebrated openly in New Orleans, but not with the parades we know today. In the early 1740s, Louisiana's governor, the Marquis de Vaudreuil, established elegant society balls, which became the model for the New Orleans Mardi Gras balls of today By 1810, New Orleans was the largest city in the south, and the fifth-largest in the United States. Louisiana became a state in 1812, and when America went to war against Britain just a few months later, General Andrew Jackson led an unconventional defense force to victory in the famous Battle of New Orleans Long n vivid jazz history, like the jazz heroes and their musical instruments were present, playing around us!We had the chance to visit the place during the jazz festival dedicated to Louis Armstrong and we were... Old U.S. mint with displays of Confederate and Union coinage, but the best reason to visit is that the building houses the New Orleans Jazz Museum with musical instruments. A brief crash course in the history of the city, from the founding in 1718 to the 20th century. Support Atun-Shei Films on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/.. Nejlepší památky - New Orleans: Přečtěte si recenze a prohlédněte si fotografie památek v New Orleans, Louisiana na Tripadvisoru

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During the past century, hurricanes have flooded New Orleans six times: in 1915, 1940, 1947, 1965, 1969 and 2005. New Orleans was at particular risk. Though about half the city actually lies above.. Welcome to History from Home, The Historic New Orleans Collection's online portal for curious explorers and dedicated students of the past. While we're stuck at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, that doesn't mean we're going to stop preserving and presenting the history of New Orleans and the Gulf region. This page is your entry to a variety of THNOC projects, fro • Baseball's first spring training camp is held in New Orleans when the Chicago White Stockings come to New Orleans in May to play the touring Cincinnati Red Stockings, but end up staying for several weeks. 1871 • The National Association (1871 - 1875) is formed. 187 A BRIEF HISTORY OF NEW ORLEANS, USA. By Tim Lambert. The Foundation of New Orleans. In 1682 the French explorer Robert de La Salle explored the River Mississippi and claimed Louisiana for France. In 1718 Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur d'Iberville founded the great city of New Orleans. It was named in honor of the Duke of Orleans Explore New Orleans history by way of its most famous graveyard on an in-depth tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. See the ornate tombs featured in many films, including the final resting place of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, and learn about the origins and beliefs of the voodoo religioon

There is a fascinating and suggestive tale from the history of New Orleans, one of America's most haunted cities. Indeed, the gruesome story of the Carter brothers reveals something about vampires — and maybe about the Crescent City itself. The Carter Bros. The year was 1932. A young girl stormed down Royal Street, visibly panicked, her. Na jihovýchodě Louisiany se rozkládá New Orleans - město proslavené jazzem, který se ulicemi line jak ve dne, tak i v noci. Přestože v roce 2005 utrpělo těžkou ránu v podobě ničivého hurikánu Katrina, je i dnešní New Orleans plné nádherné francouzské architektury, honosných kostelů a návštěvníky láká na skvělé jídlo i pestrý noční život New Orleans began life in 1718 as a French-Canadian outpost, an unlikely set of shacks on a marsh. Its prime location near the mouth of the Mississippi River led to rapid development, and with the first mass importation of African slaves, as early as the 1720s, its unique demography began to take shape Battle of New Orleans - British troops attempt to capture the city of New Orleans on January 8, 1815 during the War of 1812. This battle was needless as the peace treaty ending the war had been signed fifteen days before New Orleans history at http://www.NotesonNewOrleans.net - As this well-made MGM documentary shows, really not much has changed in New Orleans since the 1940s..

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Two years ago, New Orleans turned 300, and the storied city that didn't take Hurricane Katrina sitting down is not only back but better than ever. The Big Easy's culture of food and drink—in restaurants as well as in home cooking—is deservedly well-renowned New Orleans' significance as a commercial port made it a highly valuable strategic point of interest for both the Union and Confederacy during the American Civil War. Both armies fought over the city early in the war, with the United States Navy forcing local Confederate units from the area in early 1862 As a leading provider of the entertainment industry in New Orleans we take pride in offering a variety of tours in the World Famous French Quarter!! Whether you are looking to explore the city for the first time, meet new friends, brush up on your history, experience the dark side of New Orleans and get the feel of the paranormal activity that. Home of Bob Walker's Oldie King Channel internet radio station & Bob Walker's memorabilia site for New Orleans radio stations, music, personalities, airchecks, videos, history and fun History. The city began as the capital of Louisiana (New France), part of the first French colonial empire at the mouth of the Mississippi River. It became a territory of the United States when President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. It became one of the world's great seaports

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  1. Author of five books on the history of New Orleans, Edward Branley is a graduate of Brother Martin High School and the University of New Orleans. Edward writes, teaches, and does speaking engagements on local history to groups in and around New Orleans. His urban fantasy novel, Hidden Talents, is available online and in bookstores
  2. New Orleans Drunk History Tour. New Orleans Drunken Ghost & Vampire Tour . The Drunken Telling Of New Orleans Tales . The Drunken Voodoo Mystery & Paranormal Tour French Quarter Bar Pit Stop and NOLA Legends Tour Crescent City History Tour French Quarter Haunted Excursion In New Orleans New Orleans Ghost Hunters 10
  3. is an excellent documentary on the New Orleans tradition, narrated by Milton Batiste of Dejan's Olympia Brass Band. It is available here.and on Amazon for $20.00. A Descriptive Article. TIME Magazine ran this article 30 years ago, written by Frank Trippett on the funeral of New Orleans cornet player, Albert Walters. It goes a long way in.
  4. New Orleans has several classically named streets. Dryades is named for the wood nymphs and was the wooded side of town when it was named in the 19th century. The Greek muses are well represented around Coliseum Square in the Lower Garden District where nine streets named for the Muses cross Prytania Street

A New Orleans Jazz History, 1895-1927. Buddy Bolden's Band 1905 . Photo Hogan Jazz Archives. Even before jazz, for most New Orleanians, music was not a luxury as it often is elsewhere-it was a necessity. Throughout the nineteenth century, diverse ethnic and racial groups — French, Spanish, and African, Italian, German, and Irish — found. New Orleans is currently 37.8% smaller than it was in 1960. How quickly is New Orleans shrinking? New Orleans has shrunk 19.3% since the year 2000. New Orleans, Louisiana's growth is extremely below average. 97% of similarly sized cities are growing faster since 2000. Is New Orleans the biggest city in Louisiana New Orleans. New Orleans 1841 History . The French had established themselves in the Canada in the mid-seventeenth century by securing control of the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes. The French sought to limit the English to the eastern coast of the continent by claiming the Mississippi and its tributaries, thereby gaining control of the.

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  1. Check out the evolution of the New Orleans Saints uniforms over the years with these classic photos. New Orleans Saints Uniform History. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS UNIFORM HISTORY 1967. 1968. 1969.
  2. Ms. Kalila Smith, native New Orleans Voodoo and Witchcraft practitioner, provides us a glimpse into the history of Witchcraft and Voodoo in New Orleans. She has published so many books, papers and historical tours on this topic; I couldn't have found a more renowned expert on New Orleans Witchcraft and New Orleans Voodoo
  3. Erected in 1793, and originally known as the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas, the Archdiocese of New Orleans was a joint creation of the king of Spain and the pope. Having roots in the Catholic realms of Spain and France, the Archdiocese has a distinctive history, unlike the dioceses established in the English and Protestant traditions of the Eastern seaboard
  4. Epiphany, January 6, is the official end of the Christmas season, but it also kicks off Carnival season in New Orleans. Although some people use Carnival and Mardi Gras interchangeably, they are actually different things. Carnival is a time to eat, drink and be merry before the rigorous fasting and sacrifice during Lent
  5. 1-16 of over 5,000 results for Books: new orleans history The World That Made New Orleans: From Spanish Silver to Congo Square. by Ned Sublette | Sep 1, 2009. 4.6 out of 5 stars 167. Paperback $15.78 $ 15. 78 $18.99 $18.99. Get 3 for the price of 2. Get it as.

Roughly 60 years after New Orleans adopted his invention, a June 1974 ceremony dedicated the Wood screw pump at pumping station No. 1 as a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark. This.. I created New Orleans Architecture Tours to share my love for this city's incredible architecture with visitors from all over the world. Having spent years collaborating with scholars and learning from the best at Tulane, I am beyond proud to share the history of our amazing city through the lens of its beautiful buildings It was the first bar in New Orleans to introduce the concept of a stand-up bar, so those on horseback could stretch their legs. A century and a half later, virtually not much has changed from the antique mirror that was shipped from France in 1856 to the beautiful cypress bar. 823 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70116. 2 New Orleans local historian Ray Bordelon, an expert on all things Absinthe House, has uncovered a liquor license dating to January 14, 1843 for a coffeehouse—that's New Orleans-speak for..

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A review of New Orleans' unique history and culture, with its distinctive character rooted in the colonial period, is helpful in understanding the complex circumstances that led to the development of New Orleans jazz. The city was founded in 1718 as part of the French Louisiana colony New Orleans is a city in the state of Louisiana in the United States.It is the largest city in Louisiana, and the 49th-largest city in the U.S. It is the capital of Orleans Parish. It was named in honour of the French Duke of Orléans (then Regent of France) In addition, the history faculty serves the community of New Orleans on boards, commissions, and organizations that benefit New Orleans. New Orleanians value their city and its history and our alumni continue to support the work of the department and its faculty The history of Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, New Orleans, Louisiana is actually the story of two air stations. The original installation was located on the northern edge of the city of New Orleans on the shores of Lake Ponchartrain New Orleans Jazz Team Formation On March 7, 1974, New Orleans became the 18th member of the NBA as a nine-man group headed by Fred Rosenfeld and Sam Battistone paid $6.15 million for the expansion franchise. Then on May 3, 1974, Pete Maravich was acquired by trade from Atlanta, becoming the first player in franchise history

History [edit | edit source] New Orleans was founded about 1718 by Jean-Baptiste LeMoyne, Sieur de Bienville, then governor of the French Louisiana colony, who named the settlement for Philippe II, Duc d'Orléans, then regent of France. In 1722 the town was made the capital of the colony. Following the partition of Louisiana between England and. The park's history, like most of New Orleans' past, is a dark one filled with nightmarish sights and tales. This stretch of the riverfront was once the area of New Orleans' port where slaves were brought after serving their quarantine in Algiers (across the river). The site of Woldenberg Park was also home to New Orleans first burial grounds

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In founding the city of New Orleans at the mouth of the Mississippi in 1718, France solidified its trade access to the continent. Coffee crops would soon follow and become part of the city's.. The oral history program at the Historic New Orleans Collection records, collects, and preserves personal narratives that explore the perspectives, historical contexts, personalities, and motives of the individuals who have shaped our community. The program also seeks to reach out and conduct interviews with members of communities that have traditionally been underrepresente

Katrina New Orleans Video Katrina Mississippi Video Hurricane Katrina was the costliest and deadliest U.S. hurricane on record (75 billion in physical damage, economic impact over 150 billion, death toll 1,837.) Katrina will be remembered for its catastrophic flooding in New Orleans due to levee failure. (80% of city submerged Brief History Once the site of Allard Plantation facing Bayou St. John, City Park's 1,300 acres offer visitors a sample of the city's riches both in fine art and natural splendor. City Park is home of the New Orleans Museum of Art and the largest collection of mature live oaks in the world. New Orleans City Park cut the ribbon on a new. New Orleans would never have produced its most famous musical expression had it not been for a confluence of seemingly unrelated events. Difficult economic times and a growing interest in popular music would fashion a springboard for an assortment of musical styles to coalesce into what would become a uniquely American kind of music A Zulu parade marshal sits in the middle of St. Charles Avenue making sure the floats make the new turn down Poydras Street in downtown New Orleans on Mardi Gras on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 The Illinois Central's City of New Orleans was the railroad's secondary train between Chicago and The Big Easy. Its flagship along this route was the Panama Limited, a super luxurious, all-Pullman consist featuring sleepers (in a variety of arrangements), full dining service, a cafe car, parlor-lounge, and cafe-lounge. The so-called Main Line Of Mid-America's passenger trains were as.

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  1. New Orleans Saints Team: The official source of the latest Saints roster, coaches, staff, player news, injuries, transactions, stats and standings
  2. New Orleans' Sunset Food and History Tour. Take an unforgettable stroll through the streets of the French Quarter and immerse your taste buds in NOLA's best while your guide shares the stories behind the iconic cuisine French Quarter history! This tour starts in front of the Head to Toe fashion shop located at 816 Decatur St, New Orleans
  3. istries of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, in union with the Archbishop and with one another, serve the people, parishes, schools and organizations of the archdiocese, enabling them to encounter Jesus and witness his love with joy
  4. ders of unrequited love, the stories you hear aren't just stories - they're the history of this city and it's people, and most disturbing of all, they were once.
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A few years after New Orleans' 1718 founding, Louis H. Pilie, a landscape architect from France, organized the Port City into a formal colony by sketching a layout inspired by one of the oldest squares in Paris: the famous 17th-century Place des Vosges.Centering this French colonial blueprint was Place d'Armes, a one-block common area designed to be used as a military parade ground and an. She also has written Jacques-Felix Lelièvre's New Louisiana Gardener and Grand Isle of the Gulf - An Early History. She is currently working on a social and architectural history of New Orleans public markets and on a book on the contributions of free persons of color to vernacular architecture in antebellum New Orleans New Orleans is an ancient city. Three hundred years into its colonial settlement, even an accounting of history dating from that settlement must acknowledge this fact

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  1. The Historic New Orleans Collection is a museum, research center, and publisher dedicated to the study and preservation of the history and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf South region. General and Mrs. L. Kemper Williams, collectors of Louisiana materials, established the institution in 1966 to keep their collection intact and available for.
  2. ous sign beckons onlookers to take a tour of New Orleans' rich vampire history. Susan Smith. New Orleans is an eerie place. It's Gothic in one sense and dangerous in another. The city has a rich and colorful history and is the perfect place for scouting out the supernatural. New Orleans boasts a whole host of vampire, cemetery, voodoo.
  3. The History of Cocktails in New Orleans. By Nora McGunnigle. Published on 10/10/2016 at 12:01 AM. Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt | The Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel
  4. istraion; FHL=Family History Library in Salt Lake City. New Orleans Passenger Arrivals Before 1820. General Index: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index - Edited by P. William Filby. Although not specific to New Orleans, this index is the good source for finding immigration material for the pre-1820 time.
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He returned to New Orleans in 1965 to live a quieter life, got a job at the then-new New Orleans Jazz Museum, and ended up forming a traditionally minded brass band at a local church. The New Orleans of the '50s and '60s, like much of the rest of the country, turned away from jazz and toward R&B, soul, and rock 'n' roll AFM History The only object of AFM is to bring order out of chaos and to harmonize and bring together all the professional musicians of the country into one progressive body. ~AFM's 1st President Owen Miller-1896 New Orleans Saints Franchise Encyclopedia. Seasons: 54 (1967 to 2020) Record (W-L-T): 384-440-5 Playoff Record: 9-12 Super Bowls Won: 1 (1 Appearance) Championships Won *: 1 . All-time Passing Leader: Drew Brees 5,961/8,650, 67,264 yds, 485 TD . All-time Rushing Leader: Deuce McAllister 1,429 att, 6,096 yds, 49 TD . All-time Receiving Leader: Marques Colston 711 rec, 9,759 yds, 72 T

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New Orleans: The Literary History is a welcome guide to that fabulous reality found only on the printed page.' Valerie Martin - author of Property 'What T. R. Johnson has assembled in New Orleans: The Literary History is a tremendous contribution to the city's self-understanding - and to everyone's understanding of the city's impact on. History. Kol hinted that all the Original Vampires used to live in New Orleans at one point, which was revealed in The Originals series to be between the early 1700s and 1919.. In the year 1942, Damon Salvatore lived in New Orleans with a woman named Charlotte, who, he had turned into a vampire after she had begged him to do so. Unbeknownst to Damon, Charlotte was sire-bound to him, which. New Orleans Saints history including past stats and statistics, results, scores, rosters and draft result

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  1. Get the latest New Orleans, LA Local News, Sports News; US breaking News. View daily Louisiana weather updates, watch videos and photos, join the discussion in forums. Find more news
  2. However, New Orleans wasn't left without a professional team. The Women's Professional Basketball League brought the Pride in 1979, who played for two years until the league folded in '81. Twenty years later in 2002, the NBA's Hornets came to New Orleans, lured by the newly built Arena
  3. New Orleans (in italiano chiamata anche Nuova Orleans, in francese La Nouvelle-Orléans) è una città degli Stati Uniti d'America, principale città dello Stato della Louisiana.. La città prende il nome da Orléans, città situata sul fiume Loira in Francia, ed è ben nota per la sua architettura creola francese.Il nucleo storico della città è il quartiere francese, sede di bar, ristoranti.
  4. On Nov. 14, 1960, federal marshals escorted Ruby Bridges past angry, threatening crowds and up the steps of the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, CNN recounted
  5. Center Contacts and Hours [edit | edit source]. Location Map: Location of New Orleans Louisiana Family History Center on Map Address: 5025 Cleveland Pl, Metairie, LA 70003-1019 Language: English; Phone: 1-504-885-3936 E-mail: LA_NewOrleans@familyhistorymail.org Open Hours: Tuesday: 9:00am-12:00pm and 6:00pm-9:00pm Wednesday: 9:00am-12:00pm and 6:00pm-9:00p
  6. New Orleans Pelicans. Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Team Names: New Orleans Pelicans, New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets, New Orleans Hornets Seasons: 19; 2002-03 to 2020-21 Record: 673-777, .464 W-L% Playoff Appearances: 7 Championships: 0 More Franchise Inf
  7. Experience the history of The Roosevelt. A name that is recognized worldwide for its grandeur and luxury, The Roosevelt New Orleans has a proud history of delivering impeccable service tailored to each and every guest. A legacy that lives on today, over 125 years after the hotel's opening

The New Orleans Jazz Museum celebrates the history of jazz, in all its forms, through dynamic interactive exhibits, multi-generational educational programming, research facilities, and engaging musical performances He settled down near present-day New Orleans and brought the tradition with him. Where the first official celebration actually happened, however, is up for constant debate. Both Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana are said to have hosted the first Mardi Gras. Some say that Alabama holds the title on a technicality—the city was. New Orleans History and Food Sunset Tour. 28 Reviews | New Orleans, United States. Share. Copy Link. Link Copied. Close. Email. Text Message. WhatsApp. Save to Wishlist. Book online or call: (888) 651-9785 (888) 651-9785. Chat now (10) See More (10) 10. Close. From $74.50 . Lowest Price Guarantee. New Orleans photographers quickly adapted to the lucrative business of taking photographs of military soldiers. This ambrotype taken by Washburn & Co. of New Orleans captured an example of a unique social status in antebellum New Orleans. These Confederate soldiers are half brothers, the one on the right a mulatto 10 Best Plantations in New Orleans for History Tours . Now that you know why taking a plantation tour is a must, the next step is to decide which plantation to tour. With so many beautiful homes to explore, it can be overwhelming trying to choose which one is best for you and your group

A permanent staple in New Orleans, and a must do for visitors since 1972, This tour of the museum is a great place to visit with family or friends to explore inside the museum and learn about the rich culture that shapes this unique city. Once inside you can see historic voodoo relics, paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts 1870 - Algiers annexed to the City of New Orleans 1895 - Great fire of Algiers; 250 homes destroyed 1911 - Thirty-nine bars in Algiers 1931 - Martin Behrman High School at 715 Opelousas Ave. opened. Until then, students from Algiers had to cross the ferry to new Orleans to attend high school. 1935 - Huey P. Long Bridge opene History and records of the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl Combo Cocktail and Food History Tour in New Orleans Along with your guide you will visit 6 locations: classic Creole restaurants, craft cocktail lounges, funky gastropubs, proto-Tiki bars, artisanal candy stores and more

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New Orleans, he said, was uniquely situated for these reforms to work. The district was extremely low-performing, and pretty much everyone agreed that some type of major change was in order Explore the Mysterious World of Voodoo. Our famous Voodoo History Tour explores the mysterious world of voodoo in New Orleans. This educational, historical walking tour dispels the Hollywood myths and stigma surrounding one of the most misunderstood and feared religions in the world The FBI has had an office in New Orleans since its first days as an organization. One early Bureau history lists Billups Harris as special agent in charge in 1911 and F.C. Pendleton as special. New Orleans, Louisiana, has a long magical history, with its culture of Vodoun and folk magic. I asked some of our Pagan readers in the New Orleans area for suggestions on some great things to do and see if you're a Pagan visiting New Orleans. From the Voodoo Shops of the French Quarter to the historical museums and cemeteries, there's pretty much something for everyone in New Orleans

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Curiosity seekers and vampire enthusiast find rich history about the casket girls as part of the vampires in New Orleans. These haunted tour stories date back to the French colony settlement in New Orleans. In 1718, John Law, a Scotsman decided to name the French colony La Nouvelle Orleans. Shortly after that in 1728, King Louis XIV sent chaste. New Orleans has had a few proven events that have occurred and added to New Orleans' Dark History. There is very little evidence of myths such as, werewolves and vampires in New Orleans, but there are tales of mass murders as well as twisted experiments gone wrongs and encounters with bad Voodoo. One unexplained event was the Murder at the. Battle of New Orleans Site - Battlefield history fans will want to visit the site of the famous battle where Andrew Jackson defeated the British at the end of the War of 1812. It didn't actually happen in New Orleans, but in the nearby community of Chalmette, Louisiana. Drive there or take a riverboat The American Library Association would like to acknowledge the indigenous history of New Orleans, and more broadly, Louisiana, and recognize the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana, the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians, and the Tunica-Biloxi Indian Tribe of Louisiana New Orleans Historical is a project of the Midlo Center for New Orleans Studies at the University of New Orleans. See More Shortly before the arrest of Homer Plessy in June 1892, a successful streetcar strike initiated a wave of union organizing that culminated in what has been called the first biracial general strike in US history

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Combining the history of Louisiana cuisine and New Orleans-style cocktails, this event is a feast for the senses! Along with your guide you will visit up 6 locations: award-winning seafood restaurants, James Beard Award-nominated craft cocktail lounges, funky gastropubs, artisanal candy stores and more. Once inside you'll sample up to 8 or more different dishes that represent the modern. New Orleans fans will always remember John Gilliam's 94-yard touchdown return with the opening kickoff even though the Rams eventually won 27-13. A final game victory over the Washington Redskins allowed the Saints to match the 3-11 first-year record attained by Minnesota in 1961 and Atlanta in 1966 The Denver Broncos' passing offense made history against the New Orleans Saints in Week 12, just not in a good way. With all four of their quarterbacks deemed ineligible to play due to COVID-19. US Dept of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service New Orleans/Baton Rouge 62300 Airport Rd. Slidell, LA 70460-524

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The Bourbon Orleans Hotel ranks as one of New Orleans' top haunted hotels and is US Today 10Best Top 10 Haunted Hotels in America. The Confederate Soldier: There is the story of the Confederate Soldier or The Man that surrounds both the sixth and third floors Discover New Orleans' dark side on this two‐hour haunted history ghost tour. Hear tales of famous hauntings from your local guide, and visit the French Quarter's most infamous and eerie locations Directed by Jeremy Konner. With Derek Waters, Thomas Middleditch, Craig Anstett, Ben Covette. Pirate John Lafitte helps Andrew Jackson defeat the British during the War of 1812, Sam Zemurray becomes a banana kingpin, and Louis Armstrong becomes a jazz legend. Featuring Jack McBrayer, Thomas Middleditch, Jason Momoa, Miles Brown and Andre Royo In other islands and in New Orleans, the term Voodoo remained. Because of its unique blend of French, Spanish and Indian cultures, New Orleans offered a perfect setting for the practice and growth of Voodoo. In 1809 many Haitians who had migrated to Cuba during the Haitian revolution found themselves cast out and came to New Orleans New Orleans is sex and confession, sin and forgiveness. This is the place where God and the Devil shook hands so the party could go on. New Orleans is a city for the sinner and the saint. Join this tour for a unique look at French Quarter History. From the beginning faith has ruled this great city.

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